My, How Time Flies I

by BCxLD

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Our lives and our history are most often represented by the timeline, a straight course from point A to point B. We are born, we go through life, and, eventually, we die. Throughout our existence, we are never fully aware of what percentage of our timelines we have trekked. Every age we reach, we only get 1 year of practice of being that old, which is why sometimes we need to loop back to a place more comfortable than now. Suddenly, we are catching salamanders, chasing fireflies, or sleeping with a light on in our 30s, being either completely oblivious to the harshness of the world or aware of it and attempting to keep it away. Sometimes we reach moments of mastery, and pull ahead because as children, we may be forced to grow years in a second as we encounter love or loss. In our 20s, we may sit on front porches and chatter with the wisdom of the elders, or we may face a diagnosis that shakes us because it introduces us to our autumn colors earlier than anticipated. With the constant looping, pulling, spinning, twisting, and coiling, our time line becomes a ball of yarn, wrapped around itself, traveling back and forth from beginning to end.

Producer Brass Clouds (Horsefeathers) and emcee Lucas Dix (Jellyfish Brigade, Shut-ins and the Colony) have teamed up to form BCxLD. Together, the Portland based hip hop duo present My, How Time Flies, a four part EP series to be released throughout 2016. With Brass Clouds’ all original instrumentation and Dix’s heart-on-his-sleeve songwriting, the pair creates a project that intertwines elements of hip hop, electronic, R&B, and folk; a project that zig zags through the calendar of us, highlighting the highs, lows, and everything in-between.

My, How Time Flies I features Jay Cobb Anderson of Fruition, Brad Parsons of the Local Talent, and Stephen Sauer. It will be available for pay what you want download on Tuesday, February, 23rd, 2016 at It will also be available via iTunes and Spotify.


"The Ballad of Darla and Igna"

"Snow Days"

Part I Playlist

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released February 23, 2016

All songs produced by Brass Clouds.
All songs written by Lucas Dix except where guests are noted.
Additional vocals on "The Ballad of Darla and Igna" by Christina Welker.

Recorded in a closet in a house in North Portland.
Mixed and mastered by Wesley Opus.

Photo by Brass Clouds
Design by Brass Clouds



all rights reserved


BCxLD Portland, Oregon

Producer Brass Clouds teams up with emcee Lucas Dix (Hives Inquiry Squad, Jellyfish Brigade, Shut-ins and the Colony) to form BCxLD. My, How Time Flies is a four part series that will be released over the course of 12 months.

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Track Name: The Ballad of Darla and Igna
Cold wind coming like a march on the block
Last one left, only car in the lot
Call her Darla, the vessel for the Argonaut flock
Where it’s safe to believe that we are what we’re not
We are what we’re not
We aren’t what we got

Smile like a hammerhead, drive like I’m banished
Eyes that’ll scan a set of signs when they manifest
Peace to the faint pink, last of the clear blue
Ears glued to the static thinking I could hear you
Tonight, home is not a place we can steer to
Thank God escape pods ain’t got rear views
Copy, pedal to the fully fueled moxie
Amp the inner monologue, I’m heading out of body

Blues in my blood, juice in my cup
Puruse through the sludge for the jewels in the mud
Running on fumes, fumes and the rush
Homey, I just do what I does
Food in the gut, truce in the touch
Croon with the doves while I’m cooped in the cut
Setting up the moves, I’m refusing to rust
Baby, I just do what I does (yeah I do what I must)

Throw some snaps on the petro
Gas the getaway before the masses assemble
This is the taste of freedom when your trapped in a schedule
Rolling in the whip while I’m blasting my demos
Yeah, I bump my own shit, I bump my friends too
Reminders of the Hades and Arcadias we’ve been through
G and I were 20 in the whip by the lakeside
Penning fossils to music by cavelight
10 years later, the ash trays clean
Same lack of direction, same campaign theme
The new car’s Darla, the last one was Igna
The dirty HQ where I pondered the enigmas
But what I wouldn’t give for a flux capacitor
To go back to when I had an extra passenger

Blues in my blood, juice in my cup
Peruse through the sludge for the jewels in the mud
Running on fumes, fumes and the rush
Homey, I just do what I does
Food in the gut, truce in the touch
Croon with the doves while I’m cooped in the cut
Setting up the moves, I’m refusing to rust
Baby, I just do what I does (yeah I do what I must)
Track Name: Empty Town with Jay Cobb Anderson (of Fruition)
Living in an empty town
There ain’t no one else around
I keep my head down
Staring at the ground

Strike a minor chord in the ballad’s onset
And it’s easy to get lost in the halcyon then
Wake up from a nap thinking Babylon’s dead
Then I scoot across the floor like a daddy long legs
To the kitchen, greeted by the image of a smiley face
Made out of spaghetti from a dinner on a prior date
(Hey) Party in the cave where I hibernate
Confined to a place where I transcend time and space
I speak simply, juggling jobs to keep busy
Take a couple of shots of cheap whiskey
I do it on my own, to summon a god just seems risky
I’m well aware whatever I got can leave quickly
Press the apartment window
Thought I saw the smoke from the arching missiles
Thought I felt the shards from the darkest crystals
And I thought I heard the shrill of the marching whistles
Nah, just your every day harmless drivel
That I managed to perceive as alarming signals
Yeah, still guilty of that bar dismissal
One last spliff that’ll jumpstart the sniffles, now
Time flies, photographs fade
Other colors come alive in the overcast grey
The black lungs healed and the black sunset
I blacked out and woke up as the last one left
I mean, we were supposed to be neighbors forever
I mean, we were supposed to be staying together
I mean, I guess nothing is supposed to happen
So I fill my new days with them old distractions
And I mumble to myself as the floorboards creek
Like “it is what it is, let the ouroboros eat”
Not a single silhouette in the street light glow
It’s probably for the best, man, I feel right at home

Where do I go from here
it’s not the same, no
Days pass and turn to years
Everything has changed
Every place I go, every street I pass
Is full of memories stuck in the concrete cracks
But these memories in the same old way
And I’m stuck in the good ol’ days
Oh how, we used to do
We used to raise some hell with the same ol’ crew
Now I look around and it’s clear to see
There’s no one left but me

Take me away, nah I’m prolly gonna stay, become part of the maze and find a safe place to hide
Take me away, nah I’m prolly gonna kick it, it wouldn’t make any difference if I decided to ride
Take me away, nah I’m prolly gonna lamp, settle down into camp and wave the coat of arms high
Take me away, nah I’ll prolly hang back, do my thing, get attached, go and live til I die
Track Name: Everywhere with Brad Parsons
Tensions rise
It’s a number that I recognize
It ain’t no friend of mine
Spent all my days
I’ve been trying not to play your game
But I can’t escape
I know I should be tripping
But I just keep skipping
I don’t care
Cause it’s everywhere

You can find me, you can see me
Cause it’s everywhere
If you leave me
I know that you’ll take me with you
Cause it’s everywhere
I’ve been running from it
I’ve been hiding from it
I don’t want it but it
Follows where I go

White knuckles on the wheel, I’m bugging off the feels
motha fucka, motha fucka it’s real
Been on the phone for like an hour or two
Too preoccupied for a how do you do
White noise (white noise) from the radio waves
Been calling all day cause the payments are late
I’m doing all right, from the day to the day
But it only takes one mishap ‘fore they take it away
Don’t trust police, don’t trust politicians
Most my homies spend the days on a mission
I don’t need that 15 minutes
And I try to stay aware of my unfair privilege
Hard to complain that my shit ain’t good enough
Cause my brother can’t hit the streets with his hoodie up
This for everyone who feels something’s missin’
I promise I’ll be down hunkered in the bunker with ‘em
Track Name: Little Light with Stephen Sauer
This little light I hold, I take it everywhere that I go (x4)

My surly sordid, intellect supported
Home grown importance, knows it’s ignored
Birth from a portal, born into orbit
Caught in a wrinkle, scored in accordance
To break with regard to every single hard truth
Man walk a thin line, find that’s a smart move
Guy got a wide scope, ballet on egg shells
Jackhammer at sunrise, sun set he sets sail
I guess it’s just as well
Considering there’s some rings you can’t unbell
It ain’t an issue, if you misuse, nobody gonna miss you
As zero as it gets to
Caught in a wrinkle, broke on a thought
Ready for upgrade, waiting a lot
And when it happens and things get alarming
Know we’ve learned to imitute you exartly

Oh, why oh why, would you do that
Thinking it’s all downhill from here
It’s all downhill from here

Have mercy, praise the lord
The good intentions spread like agent orange
They say sink with the ship, stay the course
But I ain’t built with that blood from the days of yore
Yeah there’s chips in the tablets, holes in the old scrolls
Kids going bat shit and foes in the dojo
Me and mine build homes from the throne stones
Plan against the hand in control of the snow globe
Gusty, gutsy, grit to the gristle, trust me
Pretty as a mah fucker when it’s getting ugly *ugh
Throwing deuces with a doobie, keep peaceful
Better bet that saint like smile ain’t sheep's wool
Stage fright, nothing quite as jarring as a stumble from the
Great heights, nothing quite as freeing as the dreams of the
Caged life, nothing quite bright as the Gods in the late night
Ain’t no shame in the way it goes
Yup, yup, ordering what’s what
Wondering wise why’s, distributing tough love
Side wind in the sandstorm, picture the route
And it looks like Dali done figured it out
Track Name: A-Alikes and Me
January 17th, huddled by the stove
Baking with the oven door down to nullify the cold
For survival’s sake, we were snug inside our home
Didn’t think that we could make it through another night alone
February 20th, on a slippery path
The sneaky night arrived to ice our whiskers and our tracks
The three of us clung along the mini mountain slope
So as not to be swallowed by the river down below
April showers, losing track of hours in the Wu-Mobile
Spongy youngins jocking every universal truth revealed (hey)
Spit it like ain’t any meal paid
Spit it like we juxed the keys to the cramped steel cage

I’ve learned to fall with my favorite a-alikes with me
I’ve hit wall with my hazy a-alikes with me
I found a cause with my changing a-alikes with me
I’ve done it all with my crazy a-alikes with me

June 25th, staring into nothing
Hearing of the news that a burial is coming
I couldn’t take the talk, left the homey by his lonesome
While he pondered non-existence, I was playing in the ocean
Fungus in the stomach on a July 5th
Watching trees turn to dragons, wonderin’ who I is
In the middle of the woods with a 5 AM set
Jumping in the morning rays where the pixie heads rest
Yes, yes, storms forecasted on August 8th
Muddying the township where the outfit lost its way
Wheeze was on the stump, conducting with a stick
Said he conjured all the lightning and the thunder in this bitch
September, hopped a 30 hour train to Fargo
Rent-a-car to Wisco, another train to Chi
Bussed to Omaha, hitched a ride to Sioux Falls
Got stranded in Spokane, man, what a crazy ride

November 1st gathered underneath a steel night
Everything was fucked but the laughter made it feel right
Defense mechanism we acquired with each other
I’ll go out the rain into the fire with my brothers
On the December’s eve, we eat and drink our merriness
Repeating all the folklores, retinkering the narratives
Hoping what will be, amused with what its been
Silently aware that we’ll do it once again
Track Name: Down
Mr. Dix, Claud Six, Lukelele Slim
Mutli-dimensional like mutant aliens
Sense the presences of ghost like a message from the most high
Jester with the jokes who’s direct as any crow flies
Old pup, no class for the new tricks
Hold up, trade that cash for amusement
Go nuts, hit the last laugh then it’s deuces

Down in the front, Down in the front
I’ve been up to the task, I’ve been down from the jump
One man’s treasure, pull it out from the junk
One man’s feast, has been found in the crumbs

Much better folks have faced worse fates, for sure
Been living by that since my first days on earth
Identified a song when the bird brains would chirp
Didn’t bat an eye when the mermaids emerged
So ridiculous, Brass Clouds on that broken ribbon shit
Grow the world around me, sunlight, and photosynthesis
I get green like algae and seaweed,
Turn metal into gold like alchemy’s easy
Generation Y been corralled by the TV
But I’m lamping in the woods with my pals and my breezy
Salad and tree leaves, berries, and goat cheese
Medicinal grade and a 40 of O.E
Oh, please, Busy bee to manifest the mission state
Titillate the sense and attend to all the spinning plates

Unheard, unknown
Still gung-ho and lunging for the front row
Neon Autumn thrives when them lights burn out
Rushing from the back like it’s my turn now
Track Name: Stink in My Yuck with Stephen Sauer
I told her that I’d be right there, I wasn’t
I lied, the drug is reason that I done it
The reason that I do, to get the blueprint
Straight from the center of the need for my music
Who’s its? What’s its? Holding roses, throwing punches
The cure is at the end of the alley, but no one trusts it
Sitting cross legged like I read a couple big books
Singing like a rain drop splashing off a tin roof
Don’t look down, you do, I knew you would
I should not have said that you could
Coulda guessed it, took it to the nexus
Pushed it to the edge, to the edge without looking for the exit
Let’s just sit and ponder on it
Yada ya, blaz a blah, til the common bonds twist
Got wings and a crutch, lil stink my yuck
A string and some cups, ring ring, mother what

There’s always more to go
The only thing I know
I know, I know (I know)
Track Name: Snow Days
Long drawn swipe with two heavy coated arms
A swish of the legs, lying in a snowy yard
I play like the snapped strings on an old guitar
Making a line of angels on the corner of a boulevard
Keeping to myself in the recent freezing temperatures
Send my updates through the leaving messengers
It’s some mighty fine weather we’ve been havin
Talking bout that kind of stuff is all that I can manage
Today I Googled every single symptom, pin-pointed the disease
Praying that the poison ain’t in me
This could be anything, I just hope it isn’t what I had
Ain’t tryna to excavate a reason out of something bad
In a wonderland, making my chest rise
This last week, I went to that place ten times
When the lights dim, I water my red eyes
Shit, man, other than that I’ve been fine
I’ve been fine..say it like I know it
Pushing on my skin and afraid of what I’ll notice
There’s a strong chance what I’m made of has been broken
Put it all on ice while I’m playing in the snow drift

It don’t make sense to me
And I’ll wait a long time
Hope I’ve got a few snow days left
If I get a long time